“Lok.Cit” Low-Rider Bicycle for City Biker

A. Product name:

Lok.cit (Low Rider Bike for City Bikers)

B. Philosophy:

Low-rider concept is usually focused on the design aesthetic and do not concern about the comfortability and easiness to ride. Indeed, some of the design can’t be operated since the cranks are so close to the ground that the pedals cannot turn around. With lok.cit, we want to change this situation through the proper design of the bicycle, regarding the ergonomic and comfortability aspect, so that the low rider bike is not only optimum in its design, but also in the functional aspects.

C. Lok.cit concept

  • Design: Lok.Cit Design refers to the low-rider concept, which its main characteristic is, long wheelbase and the similarity to low-rider motorcycle. We apply single frame as the main structure of the bike, to suport design elegancy and simplicity. In order to enhance the strength, we set the thickness to make it reliable in supporting the mechanical loads. The innovation we propose here is the suspension system attachment to reduce the vibration.
  • Users segment: Lok.cit is made for the low-rider community, which consist of young people in urban area.

D. Features

  • Steering

    Steering is designed with chopper concept, with angle orientation of 70 degrees, arm control position height is about 15 degrees from horizontal, regarding to recommendation for optimum reach area. We choose chrome appearance to maintain the elegance of the design. Mechanics brake systems are attached in the steer.

  • Frame

    As explained, the frame is single-structured to maintain design elegance and simplicity. Frame dimensions is 50x40mm with 2mm thickness, make it reliable to support mechanical loads. The main frame is directly connected with the seat supporting system. For the materials, we can choose aluminum alloy material for the main frame to attain strong frame but with the light weight.

  • Front-Wheel

    We use standard U-shaped fork to support front wheel, with 27 inches racing velg made from plastic fibre, and rubber tire.

  • Drivetrain

    We utilize gear as main power distribution. And use single transmission only, make the bike look simple.

  • Seating

    Lok.cit provide the comfortable driving with ergonomic saddle, and also with backrest, so the rider doesn’t feel tired and stiff when riding in long time.

  • Detachable Backrest

    Join with 4 x M8 bolt, with 17 degrees of tilt makes the rider didn’t feel tired and stiff when riding in long time.

  • Deatchable cap

    Cap avoids the rider from sunburn or drizzles. And in the front pair with LEDs for light at night. With streamlined face, the cap didn’t affect the rider stability. The cover material is plastic fiber, and it can be replaced with solar panel. The cap joined to backrest with quick release joint.


E. Line drawing

*in inch


F. LOK.Cit Full-Images


Writed&Designed by: Muhammad Abdullah H & Satrio Wicaksono. Submitted for Polygon Bike Design Competition 2011

Qadarullaah belum lolos.. :)


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